West Bay Piers and Harbour

The harbour and piers are Float fishing only with no overhead casting, making it quite a challenge to fish. From the end of the end of the piers Mackerel, Scad, Garfish, and Pollack can be caught using float fished Mackerel strip or Sandeel. Around the boulders at the base of the walls, Bass can be caught using the same baits and tactics. Wrasse will fall for Ragworm and Crab baits and can be caught by any of the piers and rocky parts. In the shelter of the harbour good sized Grey Mullet can be caught, but you will have to use light gear to stand any chance of catching them. Flounder are also present in the Harbour, attracted in by the River and Silty sea bed. To target the flatfish here fish Worm baits just a couple of inches off the sea bed.

It is worth taking a drop net for landing any specimen fish, and you could also bait it up for catching a few Prawns, a live Prawn left to drift around the rocks under a float, can be deadly for the Bass and larger Wrasse.

This venue can be fished during any state of tide with mixed results, but a flooding tide is normally more productive.

This venue has great access, with parking, toilets and shops near by.

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