The Cobb or High Wall, Lyme Regis

This mark can only be fished during calm conditions. When the sea is rough the waves will come over the top of the walls. There are three parts of the wall that fish particularly well;

  1. Above ‘The Old Gin Shop’ which is a twin set of steps along the first stretch; you will be fishing over mixed ground of ledges and rock with small patches of sand. Most species of fish can be caught here and is one of the most popular spots for local fishing matches.
  2. Above the next set of steps known as ‘Granny’s teeth’; you will be fishing over sand and ledges, this mark can produce some good Bull Huss and large Rockling.
  3. The very end of the high wall is also the deepest part, fishing over large rocks and boulders can produce some big Bass, Huss and Conger.

If fishing along this wall Rotten Bottoms are a must, and be prepared to lose some weights…but the losses can be well rewarded!

Parts of this wall slope towards the sea, it is uneven in places and can be slippery when wet. Not recommended for people fishing with children or anyone unsteady on their feet.

A drop net is a must if you want any chance of landing some of the larger species.

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