Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow Trout is the most common fish stocked in commercial fly fisheries in the UK. They were introduced to the UK from America. They don’t tend to spawn naturally in lakes and rivers, and are usually introduced by land owners from fish farms. Commercial fisheries are usually fly only, but some allow spinning, which is also an effective means of targeting them.

They are similar in anatomy to the Brown Trout, but have a distinctive pink stripe along the lateral line of the fish. They colouring can vary in shade and intensity, but is always visible. They also have black speckles on their sides, backs and upper fins and tails.

They can grow in excess of 20lb, but a good table size is 6lb and under. They are prized by Fly anglers as hard fighting fish that are good eating.

As Commercial fisheries are stocked, there is no closed season on fishing. These fish don’t spawn in commercial lakes, so closed seasons a not required to preserve fish stocks.

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