Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis

When you say to some anglers who haven’t worked out how to fish this beach the replies you will get might be, “tackle grave yard”, “shallow barren beach”, and “Crab city”.

I am going to make my first task, a mission to prove them wrong! I will show you where to fish, what rigs to use, and what baits work best for each species. I will also cover Fly fishing for the Grey Mullet later in the year, and Lure fishing for Bass.
Monmouth beach is made up of mainly ledges and rocky outcrops with sandbars weaving their way between them. About a mile along from the end of Monmouth beach is a great little cove known as Pin Hay bay.

Some of the main species we target on this mark are Bass, Smooth Hounds, Bull Huss, Mullet, Wrasse, Sole, and Flounder.

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