This method is used to catch Mackerel. Mackerel Feathers are attached to the mainline via swivel and shock leader and the weight is attached to the bottom of the rig using a link clip. Feathers can be made from natural feathers, or synthetic materials.
The feathers work by being cast out and then wound straight back in. Mackerel will see the lures moving through the water and will attack them thinking they are small fish.
Varying the retrieve speed changes the depth you are fishing at, as will the weight you use. The faster you retrieve, the closer to the surface you will be fishing. Shallower beaches therefore require a faster retrieve or lighter weight.
Although this method is used mainly for catching Mackerel, it will also catch Scad, Herring, Launce, Pollack, Gurnard and if you are really lucky, maybe a Bass.
If feathering from a boat the lures are dropped down to the sea bed rather than cast, then they are jigged up and down while slowly retrieving.

Rod to use: Beachcaster, Pier rod, boat rod. (check casting weights)

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