Eype Beach

The beach here is a mixture of sand, shingle, and rocks. The seabed directly in front of the access part of the beach is fairly clean so tackle losses will be minimal. Towards the West the seabed becomes increasingly snaggy, so tackle losses should be expected here. Towards the East the water is fairly shallow and can produce some nice Bass in the surf. When Rough weather coincides with spring tides you could get cut off if you venture to far to the East!

This venue is predominantly a big fish venue, best fished from early May until November. From about June and until November the Bass are around, with the best time being early morning or after dark when the venue is quieter. During the summer months Mackerel, Pollack, and Garfish can be seen here in good numbers.

Once we get to the Autumn it is worth stepping up a bit on the tackle, using a strong Beachcaster and heavier mainline as some big Congers become regular visitors, along with some good Bull Huss.

Fishing during rough weather isn’t easy here and tackle losses will be high, but just after a good storm the fishing can be excellent!

Fishing 3 hours up to high water and a couple of hours back down, is usually the most productive time.

Facilities here are minimal.

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