East Sea Wall

This Sea defence wall was opened in 2014 and has created a whole new fishing platform, allowing the angler access to fish over a massive network of ledges and gullies at high tide. It also gives access to the beach just East of the wall which has a seabed of silty sand, ideal for Flatfish such as Sole and Flounder. The ledges and Gullies are home to Species like Conger, Wrasse, Bull Huss, Dogfish, Eels, Bass, and Rockling. from October Whiting and even the odd Cod start to show up from this venue.

Because it has fairly shallow water directly in front of the wall, it is best fished 2 hours either side of high tide.

Going East onto the beach can give you some good sport with Lures for Bass through the summer months.

There is good access to this wall by either walking along from the bottom of the high street, or there are steps leading down to the wall from the ‘Charmouth Road Car Park’



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