Charmouth Beach (East)

Due to the unstable nature of the cliffs around this venue it is best to fish over low water, giving yourself plenty of time to get back past the cliffs before you are right underneath them!

This is a great venue for Rays from April through to October. A long cast is not necessary as the fish will move close to the shoreline (especially after dark). Some big Pollack are caught at range from this venue, although not in big enough numbers to really warrant targeting them. Bass can be caught here almost every month of the year, with numbers usually peaking in September. If you can find the clear patches of seabed in the summer good sized Dover Sole can be found after dark. Dogfish and Pouting are caught here all through the year and some large Rockling can show up especially in the spring.

From the river mouth and heading East below Stone Barrow, Bass can be taken on Lures all through the summer. Early mornings and late evenings being more productive.

Mackerel, Scad, and Garfish can also be taken on lures or float throughout the Summer.

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