Commercial fisheries tend to stock Carp such as Crucian Carp, Leather Carp, Mirror Carp, Common Carp and Ghost Carp, with Common Carp being the largest and most widely stocked. Common Carp are often targeted as they can grow to over 50lb. Crucian Carp are popular in stocked match lakes, as they do not grow to much more than 5lb.

Carp are tempted by an enormous range of baits, and each angler will have their own preferred baits and techniques. Boilies come in many sizes, shelf life or frozen, and range in flavours from Spicy to sweet and creamy to fishy. Other baits used include Bread, Sweetcorn, worms and maggots, luncheon meat (which can also be flavoured).

The identification of Carp is fairly simple. Crucian carp tend to be smaller and do not have barbels around it’s mouth. Leather Carp are scaleless, or nearly scaleless. Mirror Carp are fully scaled, but have large, irregular scales.
Common Carp have scaleless head and a fully, regularly scaled body.

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