Bull Huss

Bull Huss is also known as the Greater Spotted Dogfish or Nurse Hound. It’s a thick bodied fish, and tends to mainly stick to rocky marks and deep water. Unlike the Dogfish, it has two separate nasal flaps which are clear of it’s mouth, and it’s anal fin extends to the middle of the second dorsal fin. They can reach over 5ft long, and over 20lb in weight. It has much better fighting qualities than the Dogfish. They have strong, sharp teeth and with their powerful jaws can cut through most monofilament hook lengths/snoods with ease. If targeting this fish, your hook length/snood should be a heavier monofilament or ideally fluorocarbon.

They feed on crustaceans, bottom living molluscs and bottom dwelling fish.

They are similar in taste and texture to a Dogfish, most anglers treat them as just a sport fish, but for the keen cook they can be made into tasty fish Goujons.

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