Brown Trout

The Brown Trout is highly variable in appearance and size, the appearance and size vary depending on their environment and also genetic factors. Usually the body is brown with black and red spots, it’s weight can vary from less than a 1lb in small streams to over 10lb in reservoirs and larger rivers.

All brown trout are carnivorous, larger fish will take smaller Brown Trout along with other small fish. These ‘cannibal trout’ develop a jaw with a distinctive hook shape and tend to stay in deeper water and become predatory.
Brown Trout thrive in cool, clean streams and lakes and feed mainly on insects, insect larvae, crustaceans and fish. Some brown trout will migrate to the sea, becoming what is known in the UK as the Sea Trout.

Many commercial still waters and some rivers insist that the Brown Trout can only be fished for using Fly tackle. But where allowed lures and bait can also be effective.

The official open season for wild brown trout in England is 22nd March-30th September, but this can vary depending on the river and local by laws.

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