Ballan Wrasse

This is the largest of the Wrasse found in the waters around the British Isles. Although mainly caught by Shore anglers boats fishing inshore reefs can often catch specimen sized Ballan Wrasse when targeting species such as Bream.

nick ballanThought of as a Summer fish by most anglers, the Ballan Wrasse can be caught throughout the year in Southern and Western areas. These fish are also able to blend in by changing their colours to match their surroundings. The Ballan Wrasse is capable of reaching 8lb, one of this size would be over 15 years old.

They prefer very rough ground where their main food source of marine worms, crustaceans and molluscs are in good numbers.wrasse m hallett

They do tend to sleep at night with some burying themselves in sand and others hiding in crevices, so they are best targeted during daylight hours.

In recent years they have become a really popular target for lure anglers using soft plastics.

These fish don’t make good eating, as they have many tiny bones, but they are aggressive feeders which put up a good fight making them a great sport fish.


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