Abbotsbury is situated roughly in the middle of the Chesil beach. It has Parking, and Toilets. As you come out of the carpark onto the beach you will come to a wooden walkway with handrails that takes you up and over the shingle bank. This is a great place to fish during the summer months if you want to “Bag up” quickly with Mackerel for bait or eating. Bait fishing also works well here all year round, with Big Bass being caught right in the “gutter” where a cast of only 10-30 yards is needed. On the hot humid days Smoothounds can appear and stay throughout the night. Plaice, Dabs, and Sole are regularly taken on worm baits. During the winter months it’s Cod and Whiting all the way. Big baits cast as far as you can for the Cod, and small baits on a flapper or clipped down rig for the Whiting.

There is quite a tide pull along this beach at times so you may need to go up to a 6 ounce grip lead at times to hold bottom.

During very rough weather this beach can become dangerous to fish, with the chance of very large waves rolling in without warning!



Pulley Pennel Rig

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